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Neo Adept Intensive without Adept Core
Neo Adept Intensive without Adept Core
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Ceremonial Master Energy Mastery Webinars Audit Full Payment
Ceremonial Master Energy Mastery Webinars Audit Full Payment
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Energetic Hygiene and Soul Retrieval Webinar
another great webinar very informative and detailed plus q ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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Energetic Hygiene and Soul Retrieval Webinar $197.00

Energetic Hygiene Soul Retrieval Webinar:
The Program Includes:
Building Energetic Integrity,
Earth Bound Spirit Release,
Protection From Psycic Attack and Entity Attack.
Learn about the things that go bump in the night and what to do if they bother you.
For Initiates Adept and Higher! Program is a full day webinar

This is a Theory Only Webinar designed to offer basic instruction. You will not have adequate skills to offer your services in this field, but may have enough knowledge to maintain energetic integrity and balance. The Basic Training is offered in conjunction with Teachers Program

In this program you will learn about energetic integrity, what it is, how to create and how to maintain it for yourself for the rest of your life. Energetic Integrity ensures that you are safe, balanced, and able to live your life without too much energetic influence from other people or spirits. I teach you the basics of Soul Retrieval so that you build energetic integrity.

Soul Retrieval is an energetic technique that allows one to transmute the past and call back all the energy exchanged with other people, places, things, and ideas. Everything we do requires energy, if you have enough energy then you can manifest, create loving relationships, excel in your career, and live life from joy. Without sufficient energy it is difficult to get through the day! Many people feel they are tired, apathetic, and depressed. These are real physical diseases requiring medical evaluation and care. In many of these cases the individual has so little energy available that they can barely support their emotional stability much less function physically. Soul Retrieval training offers a foundational technique that will allow you maintain sufficient energy supporting your health and allowing you to begin to evolve at a rapid spiritual rate.

The program includes basic teachings about psychic attack and what to do about it. You will also learn about entity attack. Sooner or later everyone on the Spiritual path experiences something fearful the experience may range from unsettling to horrific. Many Spiritual seekers quit because of this kind of experience. Learn to manage these energies and understand the experiences so that you will be prepared instead of frightened or confused. You will learn techniques to prevent entity intrusion, and how to clear beings from a place, a home, or a person.

This program offers basic grounded theory and simple skills allowing one to live a stable, grounded, healthy life at the same time one is in Spiritual Service!

Current Reviews: 1
For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 05 January, 2007.
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