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Qabalah Symposium 2013 Downpayment
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Adam Kadmon Teachings: Theory Webinar $233.00

Teachings of the Adam Kadmon: A Webinar on the Theory and Evolution of the Activation
Prerequisites: None
br> The Adam Kadmon activation is one of the most powerful and beneficial modalities offered through the Mystery School Tradition. It is the full activation of all 24-strands of the DNA. There are 24 strands to the DNA also called Codons. Twelve relate to the physical body and 12 relate to the spiritual body. All Mystery School traditions have a Ritual and Activation Process that results in the activation of 22 of the 24 strands of the DNA. The Adam Kadmon activation will activate the remaining two strands: the Galactic Code (Physical DNA) and the Divinity Code (Spiritual DNA). The Adam Kadmon activation helps the body to hold more light which often results in great ability to manifest abundance in ones life, to enhance ones personal empowerment and to amplify ones Gifts of the Spirit and intellect. It will provides one with the potential for: full control of the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire); full control over the three vehicles of the human body (physical body, soul body, spirit body); and a deeper knowledge of one’s purpose here on earth. It will open the Gates of Heaven to flow that energy into one’s life. The main purpose of the Adam Kadmon is to provide humans with the physical change necessary for physical ascension!

Become the New Human
Adam Kadmon: The New Human
In these times there is a need for powerful methods to evolve Humanity into the new Millennium!

 If you are ready for the next step...
 If you are dissatisfied with merely existing and surviving...
 If you are ready to live fully…

Spiritual Mystery Schools invite you to Activate and Integrate your full potential.

The Adam Kadmon Seminar is the most important seminar that we teach within Spiritual Mystery Schools. This information will change the way that you live.

What it means to be the Adam Kadmon:
A NOW time frame instead of a linear one
Increased consciousness awareness
Telepathic qualities
Embracing the Adamic Seed
Having the Gates of Heaven always open
Full 24 strand DNA activation
Full control of the Four Elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire)
Full control over the three vehicles of humans (Physical Body, Soul, and Spirit)
Spiritual and physical abundance
A deeper knowledge of the "I AM" and of one's purpose here on Earth


New energy food of humans
The rituals of tomorrow
Intergalactic meditation
The WHOLE you
The New energy in our day to day lives
Relationships in the new energy
Our New DNA: The 24 strand DNA activation
Business in the new energy
Step by step blue print for activation
New living architecture
Raising children in the new energy
The new 24 chakra system and the new corresponding DNA strands
Activation of the DNA and chakras
And much more.......

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 24 August, 2007.
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