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Hermetic Alchemy Webinar $50.00

Alchemy 101Webinar:

Learn the Basics of Consciousness, Transformation, and Transmutation. Gain access to the keys for your own evolution!

When we think of Alchemy we usually start with the Universal idea that alchemists are those who turn lead to gold. There is truth in this idea, but there is much more to it than that.

As I teach I talk about Alchemy constantly. Often I am asked “What is Alchemy? Is it a Spiritual Pseudoscience, is it laboratory work? Many think of Alchemy according the archetype of the Old Magician in his basement laboratory. Most think of Alchemy in relationship to the “Eye of Newt, Wing of Bat” spells and incantations used to produce a universal elixir that makes one immortal and changes straw into Gold.

Alchemy is the search for the Qunitessence or vital life force that is life itself. We isolate the Quintessence so it can be condensed, purified, or manipulated to manifest the Alchemist’s will. Alchemy is the ART of evolution. It is the process of evolving all organisms to the highest level of perfection possible while still in a physical form. This is what Metatron calls the Great Work.

Alchemists, modern and medieval, hold one goal in mind, this is easing the suffering of humankind whether that suffering is physical or spiritual. Alchemists worked to create medicines that could heal a person and at the same time further his evolution in the physical and spiritual realms. In this quest for a “dual action” remedy, ancient Alchemists found that a medicine or elixir they called Antimony could be made that produced an effect that was not clearly understood. Physical problems and suffering could be alleviated from the usage of this alchemically produced medicine. In addition, this elixir was successful in purging the body of the gross matter that limits or rejects the finer spiritual vibrations being received.

A one word definition of alchemy is evolution. “Man” in his crude, self centered ignoble state can be transmuted into a fine, loving, and Spirit- centered person – a more “divine” person. I am sure that we all relate to this idea and yearn “deep within” for this evolution, this transmutation. We may not think in terms of alchemy, but who has not felt that pull to rid yourself of the limited outer physical being to become more spiritual, closer to our Spirit and the Divine? This is the goal of alchemy, this transmutation, this evolution.

Topics: Alchemical Philosophy and the History of the Art, The First Matter, The Alchemical Process and the three principles, The Alchemical Elements, Alchemical Astrology and Alchemical Symbology

Skills Mastered This Webinar is designed to provide basic knowledge of theory and an overview of Alchmey. Enough information is provided to allow the student to understand how to decipher Alchemical drawings and ancient manuscripts.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 September, 2009.
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