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The History of Mystery Schools Webinar
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QBL Pathworking Webinar Guide Audit Annual Payment
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Galactic Ray Healing Modality Webinar $177.00

Galactic Ray Healing Modality:
This Program is Class #2 in the School of Etheric Healing.

Galactic Ray Healing is similar to Reiki. This program attunes each individual to the Energy of the Galactic or En Sofic Ray. Through the attunement energy flows continuously! This is a beginner program teaching the process of channeling energy. It is a phenomenal healing modality, providing each practioner the abilty to heal their family and friends with loving and gentle light energy! School of Etheric Healing Level I: Galactic Ray Healing Modality
Pre-requisite Training: None
Galactic Ray Training introduces you to the concepts of holding energy and channeling energy. You will learn to focus and become a clear channel for this amazing and empowering energy flow!

This simple yet effective modality is similar to Reiki training, and includes an attunement process that will allow you to reliably channel the Light we call the Galactic Rays. These Rays originate in the Central Sun Universe, which is described in Metaphysical teachings as the Creational World and is considered to be the origin of all other worlds. These Rays are also called the first rays of creation. Channeling this energy empowers new creation!

This program for beginners is a great introduction to the basics of channeling energy, energy balancing, and the philosophy of light! The Attunement Symbols provide a reliable access to the energy and keeps it flowing once they are placed!

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 September, 2009.
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